Sweet Ann cv.

Sweet Ann cv.



  • Large, marketable fruit
  • Highly productive
  • Uniformly well-shaped
  • Medium red & glossy
  • Exceptional flavor
  • Medium firmness
  • Few runners in the fruiting field

Fruit Characteristics

The Sweet Ann variety is a day neutral strawberry cultivar released by Lassen Canyon Nursery, Inc. Plant breeder, Jim H. Bagdasarian, selected Sweet Ann for its exceptional flavor, excellent fruit quality and high yield under coastal conditions in California. The variety has also adapted well in organic production fields.

The Sweet Ann strawberry variety produces high percentages of well-shaped, long, conical fruit that hold their large size throughout the season. Fruit length measures approximately 5 cm with an average weight of 35g/berry.

The good acid-sugar balance gives the cultivar its excellent, sweet tasting flavor. The average BRIX level of the Sweet Ann strawberry variety exceeds 12.

The fruit ripens well from tip to shoulder with a medium to light red color inside and out. The seeds are sunken-in, giving the fruit a glossy shine and smooth texture.


Plant Characteristics

The Sweet Ann strawberry variety grows a vigorous plant that maintains its open architecture. Its upright blossoming habit facilitates the pollination and harvesting process. The variety runners well in the nursery but produces few runners in the fruiting field.

Plants of the Sweet Ann strawberry variety develop a large, complex, fibrous root system that gives the cultivar its high vigor. This complex root system better exploits the soil and absorbs nutrients available in the ground more efficiently.


Disease Resistance

Knowledge of pathogen and disease biology of the major strawberry diseases better equip growers to make the most effective management decisions. Practices such as good ground preparation assure the best drainage of the soil possible. A careful selection of disease tolerant cultivars and timely applications of conventional fungicides or organically approved biological control agents when needed are essential.

Sweet Ann has significantly outperformed other strawberry varieties. Furthermore, the cultivar has been grown successfully in organically certified ground where disease tolerance is very important.

In addition to other pathogens, the Sweet Ann strawberry variety has demonstrated strong tolerance to mite infestations. Growers have witnessed less plant collapse and stunting compared to other cultivars. Sweet Ann continues to produce high quality fruit. The variety requires some management of fusarium wilt.


Numerical Information*

  • Avg. BRIX Level:   12.14
  • Avg. Fruit Length:   49.4 mm
  • Avg. Fruit Weight:   > 35 g


*Data taken in a 20-week commercial trial during the 2017-2018 season in Watsonville, California.

All data was taken under California coastal conditions. The variety may vary in detail depending upon factors including, but not limited to, weather, day length, soil type and geographical location.