Shyra® (A13 07 cv.)

07 cv.)


  • Very sweet, balanced flavor
  • Stable, medium red and glossy
  • Heart-shaped fruit
  • Large to extra-large berries
  • Excellent firmness
  • Very good shelf-life and transportability
  • Plant with little vigor and large leaves
  • Semi-erect plant
  • Great multiplication capacity
  • Steady productivity with no gaps

Fruit Characteristics

The Shyra® brand A13 07 cv. is a short-day strawberry variety from the Spanish breeding program Masiá Ciscar S.A. Plant breeder, Enrique Masiá, selected Shyra® for its exceptional flavor, firmness, and attractive appearance. The heart-shaped, medium red and glossy berries give the variety its distinctive look.

The Shyra® brand A13 07 strawberry variety offers very sweet flavor with a good balance between sugar and acid content. Early in the season, Shyra® reaches an exceptional BRIX of 10.8. With a strong, overall average of 8.5 BRIX and 0.74 acidity, the variety delivers a superior taste experience all season long that placed the variety above average in multiple customer satisfaction rankings.

The heart-shaped large to extra-large berries have a vivid medium red exterior color and a light red interior color that is consistent throughout the entire season, including the months of high temperatures. Its achenes are slightly sunken in, creating a shiny gloss on the surface.

Fruit of the Shyra® brand A13 07 variety provide excellent firmness. The variety measures 509 g of pressure on average, giving the berries a great advantage during handling, transport, and storage. Markets with a preference for turgid fruit will appreciate the Shyra® brand A13 07 strawberry variety.


Plant Characteristics

Plants of the Shyra® brand A13 07 strawberry variety provide great multiplication capacity. It is a semi-erect variety of little vigor but with large leaves that do not leave the fruit as exposed as other varieties. Shyra® produces fruit consistently with no gapping throughout the season.

The Shyra® brand A13 07 is an early variety that begins production in December-January, about 90 days after plant establishment. On average, the variety yields a total of 900-1000 g of fruit per plant.


Nursery & Field Production

The Shyra® brand A13 07 strawberry variety was developed in Mediterranean climate where it thrives in well drained, sandy and sandy-loam soils. The variety multiplies very well in the nursery field. Nurserymen must handle the plants well during transplant for best quality results. The ideal transplant time to the fruiting field is in early-October. It can be planted later, but dates past October 20th are not recommended.

The Shyra® brand A13 07 strawberry variety adapts to a wide range of soil and climate conditions in winter production regions. Ground preparations should be taken to ensure the plants receive optimal nutrients and water to develop a strong root system and inhibit fungal pathogens from spreading. The recommended planting distance is 25 to 28 cm for optimal results.

Nutrients should be applied throughout the season to sustain adequate flowering and fruit set. Nitrogen levels need to be monitored closely to ensure optimum fruit yields and quality.


*Characteristics may vary depending on weather conditions, day length, soil type and location.