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EMCO CAL maximizes returns to plant breeders, growers, fruit marketers and retailers around the world through the introduction of innovative varieties and technologies.

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Ekland Marketing Company, Inc. (EMCO CAL)

Ekland Marketing Co. (EMCO CAL) introduces competitive strawberry, sweet blackberry, raspberry, blueberry and citrus varieties to producers around the world. Building on over 40 years of experience with nurseries, growers and marketers in over 70 countries, EMCO CAL understands the needs of farmers for varieties that deliver quality and uniform product in the best market window for each country and production area.

EMCO CAL supports the introduction of superior new varieties with technical services designed to improve the profitability of the producer and marketer. The company:

  • Implements trials and the evaluation of new cultivars developed by leading variety development programs,
  • Works directly with growers and marketers to select and bring to market the best new varieties that fit the marketing needs of the region,
  • Licenses propagators and marketing entities for the use of new cultivars,
  • Administers royalty programs tailored to the needs of growers, marketers and variety owners in different production regions.

Since 1982, EMCO CAL has developed an extensive network of producers on six continents. These growers have demonstrated their capacity to carry out trials and to evaluate the many new cultivars suitable for their production needs. This collaboration enables EMCO CAL to accelerate the selection process and expand the variety options and choices available to the international farming community.

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