Leyre® (A14 09 cv.)

(A14 09


  • Premium fruit
  • Exceptional flavor
  • Uniformly well-shaped
  • Medium to large, marketable fruit
  • Bright “cardinal” red and glossy
  • Exceptional shelf life and transportability
  • Moderately early
  • Highly productive
  • Easy to harvest

Fruit Characteristics

The A14 09 strawberry variety, released by Masiá Ciscar S.A., is a short day cultivar adapted to winter production regions. It was selected for high value, export, fresh fruit markets and is marketed under the Leyre® brand.

The Leyre® strawberry brand offers high yields of fruit of exceptional flavor, aromatics and high BRIX. It consistently produces medium to large berries throughout the season that are characterized by a glossy, ”cardinal” red color. The variety’s long pedicles facilitate pollination and fruit uniformity. The elongated, conical shape accents the fruit’s attractive appearance and marketability.

Depending on ambient temperatures, growers harvest the first berries about 90 days after plant establishment. Fruit of the Leyre® strawberry brand is firm and offers an extended shelf life.


Plant Characteristics

The Leyre® brand A14 09 strawberry variety develops a moderately compact, robust and upright plant with long fruit pedicels when planted in mid-October. Its open plant structure allows easy access to the fruit which facilitates field sanitation and fruit harvesting.


Nursery & Field Production

The Leyre® brand produces a large volume of robust, vigorous runners in the nursery field. Excellent propagation rates have been achieved in well drained, sandy and sandy-loam soils in the Mediterranean. The cultivar performs best when lifted in the latter part of the nursery season. Upon transplant to the fruiting field, the plants adapt to a wide range of soil conditions.

Both nursery and fruit producers should adopt sound management practices in order to maximize plant health and yields. Producers should deep till the soil to break up hard pans and facilitate good percolation of water and nutrients through the soil profile. Oversaturation of the soil when irrigating will restrict root growth and encourage the spread of fungal pathogens. An application of a complete formula fertilizer at time of planting stimulates root development. Fertigation with adequate nutrients throughout the season will maintain flowering and fruit set over the course of the season. An over-application of nitrogen, however, will reduce the fruit yields and quality.


Disease & Pest Resistance

The Leyre® brand A14 09 strawberry variety shows strong tolerance to Phytophthora cactorum and powdery mildew. It is moderately resistant to aphids.


*Characteristics may vary depending on weather conditions, day length, soil type and location.