+++ 8 Jan 2024 +++

In recent years, many technologies have been developed to extend the shelf-life of produce. One of them is RipeLocker and according to the company’s Founder and CEO, George Lobisser, this technology is different and more disruptive compared to anything else out there.

+++ 24 Nov 2023 +++

“Coir provides a consistent PH, unmatched aeration, low bulk density, and a host of other attributes that benefits the crop”. The new Calcigro product which is organically buffered provides a significant advantage by lowering the salt content even more and providing good pathway for nutrient uptake. They have made a full transition from substrate producers and suppliers to owners of successful berry farms in Mexico and now the US.

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+++ 10 Nov 2023 +++

Freshplaza has published its global overview update on Strawberries.


At EMCO CAL, we are proud to be a part of this incredible industry, and that our Mandarin varieties continue to contribute to the great worldwide success in many countries!

+++ 20 Oct 2023 +++

Artificial Intelligence, often referred to as AI, is creating waves across a multitude of industries, and the produce sector is no exception.  In the produce industry, AI can serve as a versatile and powerful tool, contributing to various aspects of the supply chain.

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+++ 6 Oct 2023 +++

In a recent study published in the Nutrients Journal, researchers investigated whether strawberry supplementation mitigates the risk for late-life dementia in middle-aged people. In the study, researchers investigated the effects of a 12-week strawberry supplement regimen on neurocognitive and mood measures and anthropometric and metabolic parameters of obese middle-aged men and women with mild cognitive deficits.

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+++ 22 Sept 2023 +++

Fruit has long been a recommended source of calories, fiber and a host of nutrients. However, is there such a thing as eating too much fruit?  A major meta-analysis examined about 350 studies performed in various parts of the world, to try and pinpoint various effects of consuming both fruits and vegetables.  The results may surprise you. 

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+++ 8 Sept 2023 +++

Ponca, a new blackberry variety from the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture, offers the pinnacle of flavor from one of the world’s leading public blackberry breeding programs.

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+++ 21 Aug 2023 +++

The three-year project will research new methods to produce high-quality, high-yield, and disease-free strawberry plants within a vertical farm environment for onward cropping in polytunnels, glasshouses, and vertical farms. This will guarantee quality produce all year round

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+++ 11 Aug 2023 +++

Control of powdery mildew is usually achieved with the use of fungicides, but with increasing resistance, high costs, and their detrimental effect on the environment and human health, this is becoming increasingly unusable.  However, one company has come up with a safe, effective and innovative solution to replace fungicides. 

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+++ 25 July 2023 +++

Formosona-218 is currently the only variant of the Cavendish banana that has a very high tolerance to Tropical Race 4 (TR4) disease. 

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+++ 14 July 2023 +++

Companies are capitalizing on this trend in shelf-life extension technology that helps reduce food waste.  This company designed a truly 100 percent natural, effective, and affordable coating platform delivering results to growers around the world. 

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+++ 3 July 2023 +++

Tying hundreds of hoses is often a lengthy and not always effective operation. In addition, a part of the hose is lost, making it difficult to purge. To help with this, SR Innovative has patented a hose-stopping nail useful for drip lines.

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+++ 14 June 2023 +++

A new research study suggests that eating a diet high in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains can lead to improvements in fitness equivalent to the effect of taking 4,000 more steps each day.  

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+++ 5 June 2023 +++

Growers in several countries report lower plant mortality and pathogen-related losses thanks to an innovative solution involving the on-site generation of hydrogen peroxide. 

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+++ 26 May 2023 +++

EMCO CAL is proud of our partnership with the University of Arkansas Blackberry Breeding Program.  Margaret Worthington, the fruit breeder at Univ. of Arkansas, and an international team of scientists has assembled the first complete sequence of the blackberry genome, creating a genetic tool that will help guide fruit breeders to develop new varieties with improved flavor, hardiness, and other desired characteristics.

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+++ 12 May 2023 +++

The potassium-rich fruit juices can combat high blood pressure by removing sodium from the body and helping to relax blood vessels

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+++ 5 May 2023 +++

Trails in South Africa have steadily been accumulating evidence of Liquidseal’s ability to extend the shelf life of perishable products and to reduce cold damage.

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+++ 24 April 2023 +++

This study is the first of its kind and the results suggest that a daily intake of wild blueberries could help lower people’s risk of cardiovascular disease by lowering their blood pressure and improving blood vessel function.

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+++ 15 April 2023 +++

Robotics paired with genetics put technology and nature together to create a better future for this healthy crop eaten around the world.  The success of robotization in the future could lead to faster crop advancements, reduced food waste, and more satisfied growers and consumers.

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+++ 3 April 2023 +++

Blackberries can function as a nutraceutical – food with medicinal properties – to promote health.  Blackberries are packed with vitamins, anthocyanins, flavonoids, terpenes, and other bioactive compounds that help protect against oxidative damage, inhibit tumor cell activity, and exhibit anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial activity.

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+++ 24 Mar 2023 +++

Since production sustainability and the rationalization of resources are not something that can be easily disregarded, then this newly patented system deserves a mention.  The system completes a production loop independent from external factors with very low energy and water consumption. 

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+++ 15 Mar 2023 +++

Research presented at Berry Health Benefits Symposium adds to growing body of evidence, highlights strawberry’s ‘food as medicine’ potential

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+++ 6 Mar 2023 +++

One of the hottest new products on display at the World Agricultural Expo in Tulare was the result of two companies teaming up and creating an innovative new solution to labor shortages in the agriculture industry.

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+++ 22 Feb 2023 +++

Rich in complex carbohydrates, bananas will raise your blood sugar and help your body process alcohol by activating the metabolism.  But some claim that bananas might aggravate a hangover, because bananas contain a particular compound called tyramine.  Food science professor Karen Schaich at Rutgers University looked into the situation.

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+++ 15 Feb 2023 +++

Two Professors in the agriculture and biological engineering department from UF/IFAS are looking at the ability of 3D printers to print food.  They are discovering several unique use cases ranging from reducing food waste, helping those with eating disorders and humanitarian purposes.

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+++ 6 Feb 2023 +++

Trials took place that have generated key learnings in terms of timing, density, and rain when growing with a protected environment.  Flexibility in planting dates, higher density per hectare, and no rain-damaged fruit are just a few of the advantages found. 

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+++ 26 Jan 2023 +++

To help growers who generate $300 million annually for Florida’s economy, UF/IFAS researchers aim to develop strawberries that fight diseases and pests and also taste and smell delicious.  Today, California and Florida lead the nation in strawberry production, growing over 91 percent of the crop.  

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+++ 11 Jan 2023 +++

People who eat or drink more foods with antioxidant flavanols, which are found in fruits and vegetables, may have a slower rate of memory decline.  This study provides evidence that dietary choices can be important to maintain your brain health.

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+++ 2 Jan 2023 +++

A next-generation ag-specific soil amendment significantly reduces the use of water and fertilizer – saving farmers on costly inputs.  Learn more about how this product helps retain and deliver nutrients right to the root zone of plants.

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+++ 19 Dec 2022 +++

Is the constant consumption of fruit and vegetables in the US still a dream?  Most Americans think they consume the right amount.  Click the link below to find out if you’re consuming the right amount.

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+++ 5 Dec 2022 +++

A food innovation company announced its moisture control technology that extends shelf-life of produce will be made available through Mexico’s first online supermarket.  Each clamshell will include a small plant-based thermodynamic pouch that instantly removes condensation.  

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+++ 17 Nov 2022 +++

The fruit and vegetable sector has been particularly dynamic lately to offer plastic-free packaging but it still has a long way to go.  The Fertilpot is one alternative that is a natural solution that helps reduce waste production drastically, as well as its environmental footprint.

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+++ 10 Nov 2022 +++

Battery-operated tools are becoming increasingly popular with growers because they are practical, lightweight and versatile. In addition to being excellent solutions to increase yields with a lower effort for operators, they also respect the environment because they produce zero emissions.

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+++ 3 Nov 2022 +++

Today, blueberries are grown across the globe. In Australia, blueberry production tripled in the five years to 2021, and the fruit is grown almost year-round.  In May, a blueberry variety bred in Australia was awarded an overall score of 91.8% and bestowed with a three-star Superior Taste Award – a class reserved only for the most exceptional competitors. The humble blueberry has become a superfood: a little blue pill that would cure all manner of ills.

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+++ 27 Oct 2022 +++

Freshplaza has published its global overview update on Mandarins. 

At EMCO Cal, we are proud to be part of this incredible industry, and that our Mandarin varieties continue to contribute to the great worldwide success in these countries!

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+++ 20 Oct 2022 +++

Agrivoltaics is known as the practice of using land for both solar energy and agriculture.  It is hoping to find out whether solar energy can be generated without hindering large-scale cereal crops.

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+++ 6 Oct 2022 +++

Made from recycled plastics, Shelfy features Vitesy’s nanomolecular photocatalytic technology to reduce bacteria associated with food spoilage and degrade molecules that quickly ripen fresh fruits and vegetables.  Shelfy properly preserves fresh fruit and vegetables by extending their shelf life.

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+++ 15 Sept 2022 +++

The highly anticipated white strawberry variety – Florida Pearl, is set to reach the European and Middle Eastern markets beginning this season.  At EMCO CAL, we’re proud to be a part of this exciting development.

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+++ 30 Aug 2022 +++

Tree Defender LLC helps establish a path to recovery for Florida and other citrus-growing regions with their innovative solution to combating diseases.  The company’s solution has other benefits such as water savings, improved plant growth, and even the possibility of exploring carbon credit for added income to for growers.

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+++ 15 Aug 2022 +++

Ag Science company introduces next-generation soil amendment to help growers increase yields holding water and nutrients in the root zone.

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+++ 1 Aug 2022 +++

The Spotted Wing Drosophila, is a fruit fly that is a common threat in the soft-fruit industry.  The fruit fly targets hard and partially ripened berries – ruining them for harvest.  Researchers in Oregon, along with the USDA, have recently got approval to release a new weapon to combat the pervasive threat to the berry indistry.

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+++ 24 June 2022 +++

Freshplaza has published the annual overview on the global blueberry industry!

At EMCO Cal, we are proud to be part of this remarkable industry.  We’re excited to grow our blueberry portfolio and continue to innovate and grow alongside our partners in order to contribute to the great worldwide success in these countries!

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+++ 10 June 2022 +++

An agritech company’s trials show input-cost savings and yield enhancement employing their robots and ai – cutting herbicide applications by around 77% and fertilizer by 15%.

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+++ 6 June 2022 +++

Biomedical engineering robotics meets backbreaking labor-intensive work.  Collaborators from Georgia Tech and the University of Arkansas are working on an autonomous robotic solution to soft-fruit harvesting.  

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+++ 27 May 2022 +++

 A food technology innovation company, announced the launch of a drop-in moisture control technology that extends the shelf life and freshness of produce by eliminating condensation. 

Preliminary trials, have shown to extend the shelf-life of blackberries by 7+ days, raspberries by 4-5+ days, and strawberries by 4+ days.

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+++ 20 May 2022 +++

Blackberry growing is on the rise in Arkansas – which is home to the world renowned Blackberry Breeder Dr. John R. Clark.  EMCO CAL is honored to offer some of Dr. Clark’s most innovative and successful varieties to our clients around the world.  To learn more about Dr. Clark and his famous Blackberry varieties, click on the link below. 

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A new generation of raspberryblackberry, and blueberry varieties for fresh and frozen markets is now available to nurseries, growers, marketers, exporters, and retailers through Ekland Marketing Company, Inc. (EMCO CAL). These varieties are selected for better fruit quality, higher yields, adaptation to different climates and growing areas ranging from Temperate, Mediterranean to Subtropical and Tropical climates. EMCO CAL is one of the most recognized companies in the field of strawberry varieties, with more than 40 years of experience in the selection, marketing, and licensing of new varieties in more than 70 countries. EMCO CAL has now expanded to raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries.