Calderón® MASIÁ(A13 26 cv.)

Calderón® MASIÁ
26 cv.)


  • Mild, juicy flavor
  • Pleasant, soft texture
  • Dark, bright, ruby red and glossy exterior color
  • Medium to large, marketable fruit
  • 90% conical shape by February
  • Good shelf-life and transportability
  • Productive plant with medium-high vigor
  • Open plant structure
  • Easy to harvest

Fruit Characteristics

The Calderón® MASIÁ brand (A13 26 cv.) strawberry variety is a short-day cultivar developed in Huelva, Spain. Strawberry breeder, Enrique Masiá, of Masiá Ciscar S.A. selected the variety, among others, because it meets the market needs on special formats, such as King Size or 1 kg boxes in the beginning of February. The variety is an excellent fit for import markets such as Germany.

Fruit of the Calderón® MASIÁ brand (A13 26 cv.) strawberry variety tastes like a juicy snack. Its average BRIX level throughout the whole season ranks 8.8. The exterior color is a beautiful, deep, bright red like that of a ruby wine. The seeds are very slightly sunken in, creating a shiny gloss on the surface. In the very beginning of the season, white shoulders could be slightly present, but the fruit ripens fully in the following days. The interior reveals a fresh, medium red.

The berries are medium to large. The first fruit have a slightly longer shape, but as of February, 90% of the fruit grows conical. The Calderón® MASIÁ brand A13 26 strawberry variety measures 383 g of pressure as an average during the whole season, indicating medium firmness.

The variety has a pleasant texture which, together with its attractive appearance and flavor, ranked favorably in consumer taste panels.

Depending on ambient temperatures, growers harvest the first strawberries about 45 days after plant establishment. Fruit of the Florida Brilliance variety maintains its weight after harvest and is moderately firm with excellent shelf life.

Plant Characteristics

Plants of the Calderón® MASIÁ brand A13 26 strawberry variety are robust, of medium-high vigor, and erect. The fruit is very visible and easy to pick from the pedicels.

 The Calderón® MASIÁ brand is a very early and productive strawberry variety. Depending on ambient temperatures, growers harvest the first fruit about 90 days after plant establishment. The cultivar averages 313.08 g of fruit per plant in mid-March and 486.77 g/plant by the end of March. At the end of May, the Calderón® MASIÁ brand A13 26 strawberry variety reaches an average production of 946.3 g/plant. In total, its commercial yield accumulates to 950-1300 g of fruit per plant.

Nursery & Field Production

The Calderón® MASIÁ brand A13 26 strawberry variety was developed in Mediterranean climate where it thrives in well drained, sandy and sandy-loam soils. The variety multiplies very well in the nursery field. The ideal transplant time to the fruiting field is mid-October between the 11th and 20th. It can be planted earlier, but dates past October 20th are not recommended.

The Calderón® MASIÁ brand A13 26 is a rustic strawberry variety that adapts to a wide range of soil and climate conditions in winter production regions. Ground preparations should be taken to ensure the plants receive optimal nutrients and water to develop a strong root system and inhibit fungal pathogens from spreading. Each plant should be placed between 25 to 28 cm apart for optimal results.

Fruit producers around the world have achieved good results when growing the A13 26 variety. Nutrients should be applied throughout the season to sustain adequate flowering and fruit set. Nitrogen levels need to be monitored closely to ensure optimum fruit yields and quality. In March, growers should upload the C.E. to maintain the Brix grade.

Disease Resistance

The Calderón® MASIÁ brand A13 26 strawberry variety offers good resistance to Phytophthora cactorum. Monitoring of aphids and powdery mildew is recommended to adjust management if needed.

*Characteristics may vary depending on weather conditions, day length, soil type and location.