Twilight cv.

Twilight cv.


  • Excellent fruit quality
  • Exceptional flavor for fresh market
  • Dual purpose variety: fresh or processing
  • Good skin toughness and fruit firmness 
  • Low amount of visual defects 
  • Excellent sweetness and aroma 
  • Early season, thornless semi-erect variety

Fruit Characteristics

‘Twilight’ is a thornless, semi-erect, high-quality blackberry that has very firm, large, dark, and sweet fruit suited for the fresh market and that ripen in the early midseason for a semi-erect type of blackberry.

‘Twilight’ was released by the U.S. Department of Agriculture-Agricultural Research Service (USDA-ARS) breeding program in Corvallis, OR in cooperation with Oregon State University’s Agricultural Experiment Station.

This cultivar is an offspring of blackberries similar in pedigree to ‘Eclipse’ and ‘Galaxy’, that combine germplasm from the eastern and western North American blackberry germplasm pools. ‘Twilight’ produces very good yields of very firm fruit with tough skins and an excellent sweet flavor. ‘Twilight’ fruit should be well suited to fresh market production in the early-mid season as it was earlier than ‘Triple Crown’, had a similar appealing flavor to ‘Triple Crown’ but was much firmer and with a tougher skin. ‘Twilight’ is expected to be adapted to areas where other semi-erect blackberries can be grown successfully.