Chelsea™ (A13 72 cv.)

72 cv.)


  • Great flavor throughout the entire season
  • Uniform, conical heart shape
  • Dark orange to light red and glossy
  • Medium to large, marketable fruit
  • Pleasant, soft texture
  • Productive plant with medium vigor
  • Open plant structure
  • Easy to harvest


Fruit Characteristics

Masiá Ciscar S.A. released the Chelsea™ brand A13 72 strawberry variety, a short-day cultivar intended for high value fresh fruit and export markets that adapts well to winter production regions.

The Chelsea™ strawberry brand specifically stands out for its great flavor and the capability to maintain it evenly throughout the entire season. The variety measures an average BRIX level of 9.2 degrees. Berries of the Chelsea™ brand A13 72 strawberry variety are large with a very pleasant, smooth texture that was noted positively on consumer taste panels. Its average firmness rates 430 points which gives the fruit a very good shelf life. With its dark orange color, the Chelsea™ brand is visually distinguishable from other strawberry cultivars. The sunken in seeds give the fruit a glossy and attractive appearance. Depending on ambient temperatures, growers harvest the first berries about 90 days after plant establishment.

The Chelsea™ brand’s unique flavor, firm texture, smooth exterior, lively color and high juiciness has convinced consumers around the world. The Chelsea™ brand A13 72 strawberry variety is especially well-received in the United Kingdom due to its consistent organoleptic qualities and attractive appearance.

Plant Characteristics

Plants of theChelsea™ brand A13 72 strawberry cultivar are robust with a medium vigor. The variety’s open plant structure and long pedicels allow easy access to the fruit which facilitates field sanitation and fruit harvesting. Best performance results have been achieved when transplanted in the beginning of October. This strawberry variety produces an average of 850-950 g of fruit per plant.


Nursery & Field Production

The Chelsea™ brand A13 72 strawberry variety has shown excellent performance in the Mediterranean when propagated in well drained, sandy loam soils. The optimum distance between plants is 25 to 28 cm. The variety produces a large number of runners in the nursery field. Nurserymen should lift the plants in early October.

Upon transplant to the fruiting field, the plants adapt to a wide range of soil and climate conditions. Proper ground preparation to assure good percolation of water and nutrients is recommended. Growers should apply a complete formula fertilizer and optimize the level of irrigation to help the plants develop a strong root system and restrict fungal pathogens from spreading.

In Huelva, Spain, fruit producers achieved excellent results when growing the Chelsea™ brand A13 72 strawberry variety under tunnels. Nutrients should be applied throughout the season to sustain adequate flowering and fruit set. Growers should monitor the nitrogen levels closely to ensure optimum fruit yields and quality.


Disease Resistance

The Chelsea™ brand A13 72 strawberry variety is resistant to powdery mildew and shows strong tolerance to Phytophthora cactorum and aphids compare to other commercially available strawberry varieties.


*Characteristics may vary depending on weather conditions, day length, soil type and location.