Finnberry cv.

Finnberry cv.




  • High yielding
  • Unique tangy and aromatic flavor
  • Easy-harvesting and flexible harvest timing
  • Good post harvest quality
  • Uniformly well-shaped, firm fruit
  • Large attractive berries
  • Primocane-fruiting


Fruit Description

Meet Finnberry, the latest breakthrough in red raspberry cultivars, destined to reshape the berry industry. This innovative plant, developed through years of meticulous research, stands out with its high yields, outstanding fruit quality, and a distinctive flavor that is sure to delight consumers and growers alike.

Finnberry has been developed through extensive trials conducted between 2015 and 2021 in Corvallis and Aurora, Oregon. One of the most notable features of Finnberry is its larger plant size and thicker plant diameter compared to Kokanee. The fruit of the Finnberry cultivar is another area where it shines. It produces larger and heavier fruits with a higher drupelet weight compared to the parent plants. The Finnberry fruits are firm, flavorful, and exhibit a bright color, making them visually appealing and ideal for fresh consumption or processing.

This remarkable raspberry hybrid offers several advantages over its parent species. It boasts increased resistance to common pests and diseases, making it an appealing choice for farmers who want to reduce their reliance on chemicals. Not only does this mean a more sustainable and eco-friendly crop, but it also translates into a healthier, pesticide-free fruit for consumers to enjoy.

The Finnberry is also easy to harvest, reducing the risk of fruit damage. The new plant also has a longer harvest season, potentially giving growers more flexibility in managing their harvests and extending the availability of fresh raspberries in the market. The introduction of Finnberry to the berry industry is a testament to the continuous efforts of researchers and breeders to meet the needs of growers and consumers alike.

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