Ouachita cv.

Ouachita cv.


  • Floricane variety
  • Thornless
  • Broad adaptation
  • Medium-size, attractive fruit
  • Excellent flavor and sweetness
  • Good shelf-life and transportability
  • Good plant health
  • Very erect canes
  • High yield


Fruit Characteristics

Ouachita is a thornless, floricane blackberry bred by Dr. John Clark at the University of Arkansas. The cultivar has shown a broad adaptation. Plants of Ouachita of medium vigor. They produce compact laterals with large, attractive white flowers. Its erect growth habit and strong, spine-free canes allow for a higher plant density, thus increasing yield potential.

The variety consistently produces medium-size, round and glossy berries in mid-season. Average fruit weight consists of 7g/berry.

Ouachita offers a very sweet, sub-acid flavor. The variety proved to have a high number of flavor volatiles. The BRIX measures an average 10-11%.

Ouachita‘s very good storage and handling qualities make the variety well-suited for the shipping market.


Disease Resistance

Trials indicated that Ouachita is resistant to rosette disease.


*Characteristics may vary depending on weather conditions, day length, soil type and location.