Natchez Variety

Natchez cv.



  • Floricane variety
  • Thornless
  • Large, attractive fruit
  • Very good shelf-life and transportability
  • Good flavor and sweetness
  • Good plant health
  • Semi-erect, spine-free canes


Fruit & Plant Characteristics

Natchez is a floricane blackberry variety, released by Dr. John Clark of the University of Arkansas. Natchez produces thornless, erect to semi-erect canes, allowing for an increased plant density. In Arkansas, ripening starts at the beginning of June with an extended harvest season.

Natchez consistently bears large, attractive fruit with an average weight of 9 g. Taste panels gave the berries of this variety a good rating for flavor and sweetness. BRIX measured an average of 10. Natchez fruit has shown very good shelf-life and transportability.


Disease Resistance

In trials, no substantial common diseases were observed. Natchez showed no susceptibility to orange rust or double blossom/rosette. Very limited fruit anthracnose was detected.


*Characteristics may vary depending on weather conditions, day length, soil type and location.