Leticia® (A15 17 cv.)

(A15 17 cv.)


  • Exceptional flavor throughout the entire season
  • Consistent, medium to large, conic fruit
  • Maintains full coloring of a vivid, medium red (no white shoulders)
  • Firm berries with a pleasant texture
  • Superior shelf-life
  • Ideal for special packaging formats
  • Very rustic and vigorous plant
  • Highly productive
  • Easy to harvest
  • Very strong disease resistance


Fruit Characteristics

The Leticia® brand A15 17 is a short-day strawberry variety from the Spanish breeding program Masiá Ciscar S.A. Leticia® gained favor due to its exceptional flavor and aroma, its homogenous shape and coloring, and its extraordinary rusticity and shelf-life.

The Leticia® brand has scored top ratings in several consumer taste panels. Its strong average BRIX of 9.3% and acidity of 0.83% combine a harmonious balance of sweetness and acidity, appreciated by consumers.

Its uniformly conical shape, consistent medium to large berry size, and full coloring throughout the entire season gives growers and retailers a great opportunity for special format packaging. Seeds are right at surface level, giving the berries an attractive, glossy shine. The fruit has a vivid medium red external color and a light red interior color.

Firmness of the Leticia® brand A15 17 strawberry variety is measured at 441 g of pressure. The texture of the berries is smooth and pleasant. Leticia® achieves an excellent shelf-life with 90% of the fruit extending 8 days from harvesting.


Plant Characteristics

The Leticia® brand A15 17 strawberry variety stands out for its extraordinary rusticity. The variety reproduces well in the nursery field. In the fruiting field, it develops a medium to high growing, globe-shaped plant. The fruit grows further out and is easy to see, facilitating management and harvesting.

In Huelva, Spain, where the variety was developed, plants of Leticia® begin fruit production in January and continue until May/June. Growers have achieved an average yield of 1000-1100 g fruit/plant.


Nursery & Field Production

The Leticia® brand A15 17 strawberry variety multiplies well in the nursery field. To achieve optimal results, plants should be dug and transplanted into the fruiting field between October 11 – 31 and spaced between 25 – 30 cm apart.

Leticia® stands out for its extraordinary rusticity. Both in the nursery and fruiting fields, it adapts to many different soil types, including heavier soils. Plants of Leticia® are very vigorous. Growers are advised to monitor nitrogen levels to not overfertilize the plants and ensure optimum performance and fruit quality.

In Huelva, Spain, fruit producers have achieved excellent results growing the Leticia® brand A15 17 strawberry variety under tunnels. Trials in open field will begin shortly and are anticipated to produce very good results as well.


Disease and Pest Resistance

The Leticia® brand A15 17 strawberry variety provides exceptional overall disease resistance. It is especially tolerant to powdery mildew, Fusarium spp, Colletotrichum acutatum and Macrophomina phaseolina.


*Characteristics may vary depending on weather conditions, day length, soil type and location.