Hall’s Beauty cv.

Hall’s Beauty cv.


High yields of medium, firm fruit with excellent flavor that typically ripens earlier than Columbia Star but later than Columbia Giant.  With its large, attractive, many-petalled flowers, the variety is also suitable for the Home Garden market.



Fresh, IQF, Home Garden



Trailing Floricane (thornless)


Excellent Flavor

  • Avg. Brix:  13.6 %
  • Avg. pH:  3.3
  • Avg. Titratable Acidity:  14.3 g . L-1


Medium Berry Size

  • Avg. Weight:  6.5 g



  • Mean Yield:  4.8 – 6.8 kg/plant


Harvest Window

  • N/A
  • This variety is harvestable by machine


Transportability & Shelf-life


Cold Hardiness

Hardy to -10°C (14° F)


Required Chill Hours

500 – 800 hours


Moderate Disease Resistance


*Characteristics may vary depending on weather conditions, day length, soil type and location.