Thunderhead cv.

Thunderhead cv.



  • USDA first primocane-fruiting blackberry
  • Exceptionally high yield
  • Delicious fruit, no bitter notes
  • Quick establishment and excellent plant vigor
  • Firm fruit with low defects
  • Good post-harvest storage
  • Low susceptibility to sunburn
  • Good fresh-market variety


Fruit Characteristics

A new and distinct blackberry cultivar that originated from seed produced from a cross between the thorny primocane-fruiting maternal blackberry plant ORUS 4355-2 and the thornless primocane-fruiting paternal blackberry plant ‘Prime-Ark® Freedom’. ‘Thunderhead’ is the first primocane-fruiting blackberry variety released by the USDA-ARS breeding program in Oregon. This new blackberry cultivar can be distinguished by its exceptionally high plant vigor and yields of medium sized berries with high gloss, firmness, excellent flavor and fruit quality, and relatively small seed size. The berries are well suited for fresh eating, with good sweetness and gloss when picked firm, and low bitter notes. The new and distinct blackberry variety contains a genetic background derived from eastern U.S. germplasm and is expected to grow and is expected to perform well in most areas where primocane-fruiting blackberries are currently grown.