Blakely™ (APF 238T)

(APF 238T)



  • Primocane and floricane fruit
  • Exquisite flavor and pleasing aromatics
  • Consistent black, glossy color
  • Early-ripening
  • Firm, medium size berry
  • Thornless and erect plant


Fruit Characteristics

The University of Arkansas plant breeder, Dr. John Clark, selected the primocane variety Blakely™ APF-238T for its primocane fruiting trait; in addition to, being early to ripe, exquisite sweet flavor and pleasing aromatics.

Plants of the new cultivar are vigorous and prolific and row establishment following planting is rapid. Both primocanes and floricanes are erect in growth habit. The canes can be trained to a self-supporting hedgerow although it is beneficial to use a trellis with supporting wires to prevent canes from falling over due to wind or heavy fruit loads. The plants are thornless.

Blakely™ variety produces fruit on both primocane and floricane plants.  Fruit yields of the new cultivar on floricanes are on average 2.1 kg (4.7 lb/plant). The fruit is round and glossy with a uniform black finish.  The fresh fruit rates very well in flavor and is a noteworthy attribute of the cultivar and is comparable to or exceeding that of ‘APF-45’. Consistent excellent flavor was noted at repeated observations of fruit of this cultivar over the years of evaluation.