Strawberry Varieties in Chile

The new and successful strawberry varieties from the University of Florida are available in Chile

The strawberry varieties from the University of Florida (UF) have been selected for their earliness and high fruit quality, forming a new and very profitable alternative for Chilean fruit growers. Due to the varieties’ strong attributes, growers will be able to supply the market during time windows they currently have no production for. The availability of strawberry fruit is sparse during those times, and prices reach maximum value.


Chilean strawberry producers are just in time as the new short-day and neutral-day strawberry varieties from the University of Florida (UF) are already available in Chile:

  • Fortuna™ (Variety FL 01 116)
  • Brilliance™ (Variety FL 13 26 134)
  • Sweet Sensation® (Variety FL 09 127)
  • Beauty™ (Variety FL 12 121 5) day neutral / everbearing

The first field trials were carried out in 2019 and showed great promise! All four varieties achieved high yields of early, high quality fruit with excellent flavor.


Trials of the new UF strawberry varieties were established in central-south and north-central areas of Chile, both in open field and under tunnels and during different planting dates. The four tested varieties were: Fortuna™ (FL 01 116 c.v.), Brilliance™ (FL 13 26 134 c.v.), Sweet Sensation® (FL 09 127 c.v.), Beauty™ (FL 12 121 5 c.v.). All UF varieties stood out for their excellent flavor, appearance, high yields, good external and internal color, and large fruit size. The varieties adapted very well to the coastal conditions.


The new UF strawberry varieties have been grown as potted plants, allowing for improved plant establishment in the field. Potted plants are known to produce fruit even earlier. Strawberries can be harvested between 60 to 90 days from the planting date, depending on weather conditions, day length, soil type and location. These traits will generate a rapid return on investment.


EMCO CAL’s Commercial Manager for South America, Ms. Josefina Justiniano, confirms the availability of the four UF strawberry varieties as potted plants in Chile for the 2020 season:

  • Fortuna™ (Variety FL 01 116)
  • Brilliance™ (Variety FL 13 26 134)
  • Sweet Sensation® (Variety FL 09 127)
  • Beauty™ (Variety FL 12 121 5) day neutral / everbearing

This was also varified by Mr. Harry Jacobsen, Commercial Manager of Europlant Nursery and in charge of the production and sales of these strawberry plants.


Growers who wish to plant the new UF strawberry varieties can contact:

Josephine Justiniano

Commercial Manager South America