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Mission Statement

Cal-Pacific Egypt, Ltd. (CPE)

Cal-Pacific Egypt was initiated in September 2021 in Egypt as one of Ekland Marketing Company of California, Inc. (EMCO CAL) groups to provide the Egyptian berry and citrus sectors with all the existing and new competitive varieties of (strawberry, sweet blackberry, raspberry, blueberry, and citrus) produced by their worldwide selective breeding programs that EMCOCAL represent.



As a part of the EMCOCAL group, CPE initiated a centralized strawberry nursery with over 15 million mother plants per year to support and supply the strawberry industry in Egypt and around the world with very high-quality plants around the year. Cal-Pacific Egypt (CPE) berries and citrus nurseries in Egypt Implement trials and evaluate new cultivars from those varieties developed by leading variety development programs that EMCOCAL represents.



Dr. Fahiem EL-Borai

Dr. Fahiem leads the efforts for CalPac Egypt for Groupo EMCO CAL.  He also holds two appointments at the University of Florida – one focused on research and the other focued on outreach.  He earned his Ph.D in Entomology and Nematology.


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Cal Pacific Egypt, Ltd.

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