Marys Peak c.v.

Marys Peak c.v.


The most outstanding characteristic of the Marys Peak variety is its excellent fruit quality as a processed or fresh product.  Its flavor, size, firmness, color, and yield are particularly notable.



Fresh, Processed, Home Garden



June Bearing Short Day


Good Flavor

  • Avg. Brix:  8.74 %
  • Avg. pH:  3.39
  • Avg. Titratable Acidity:  9.34 g.L-1


Berry Size

  • Avg. Weight Year 1:  17.9 g
  • Avg. Weight Year 2:  12.5 g



  • Avg. Yield Year 1:  24,810 kg/ha
  • Avg. Yield Year 2:  16,481 kg/ha


Harvest Window

  • 7 June – 26 June
  • The variety is harvestable by machine



  • 148 (Hunter Spring)


Cold Hardiness


Required Chill Hours


Disease Resistance


*Characteristics may vary depending on weather conditions, day length, soil type and location.