Onyx Variety

Onyx Variety



Onyx yields firm, sweet, and high quality fruit that is suitable for local and wholesale fresh markets.  Onyx has a good color and can withstand moderate damage from cold.



Fresh, IQF, Processed



Trailing Floricane


Sweet, Fruity Flavor with Low Acidity

  • Avg. Brix:  13.7 %
  • Avg. pH:  3.64
  • Avg. Titratable Acidity:  0.96 g.L-1


Medium Berry Size

  • Avg. Weight:  6.1 g


  • Mean Yield:  5.6 to 7.7 kg/plant


Harvest Window

  • 9 July – 1 August
  • The variety is harvestable by machine


Transportability & Shelf-life


Cold Hardiness

Hardy to -12°C (10° F)


Required Chill Hours

500 hours


Moderate Disease Resistance


*Characteristics may vary depending on weather conditions, day length, soil type and location.