Fortuna™ Brand (Florida Fortuna Variety)

Fortuna™ Brand
Florida Fortuna Variety)

Registered in the United States as Florida Radience.


  • High percentage of large, marketable fruit
  • Good shelf life and transportability
  • Uniformly well-shaped
  • Bright red & glossy
  • Very early fruit onset
  • Highly productive
  • Good flavor


Fruit & Plant Characteristics

Florida Fortuna is a short-day cultivar released by the University of Florida strawberry variety development program. Selected for earliness, fruit quality and productivity, the variety adapts to high value, fresh market, and winter production regions.

Florida Fortuna produces a high percentage of large, attractive, and uniformly shaped fruit early in the season. It holds its fruit size and shape throughout its production cycle.

Florida Fortuna has an open plant architecture. The variety bears fruit on long pedicels, facilitating both pollination and fruit harvest.

The seeds of the fruit are slightly sunken below the surface, giving the Florida Fortuna strawberry variety a glossy, bright red color. The fruit ships well and tastes as good as it looks.

Nursery & Field Production

The Florida Fortuna strawberry variety runners well in the nursery field. Nurserymen should take special care, however, to avoid stress to the plants both during the growing season and at time of harvest.

Nursery producers should utilize foundation level mother stock (G2) to establish their fields. Select well drained soils on which to propagate nursery stock. Avoid over- saturation at time of irrigation. Excessive applications of nitrogen will weaken the plants in the nursery field.

Florida Fortuna responds to added chilling in the nursery field. Plants should be lifted at the mid-point of the nursery harvest season.

Fruit growers should manage fungal infestations in the soil. A strong application of a complete fertilizer at time of planting will provide adequate nutrients to build a vigorous root structure. Early root development will support a heavy flowering and fruit set at the beginning of the season.

Reduce the nutrient load and especially the amount of nitrogen until the plants begin to set flower buds. Increase the nutrient quantities as the plants enter into their full flower set.


Disease Resistance

Florida Fortuna is highly susceptible to Phytophthora cactorum which can cause plant stunting and mortality. Applications of mefenoxam through the drip irrigation system soon after transplanting are highly recommended. Foliar applications of potassium phosphite are suggested throughout the growing season for an infected crop. Please follow product labels for rates and timing.


*Characteristics may vary depending on weather conditions, day length, soil type and location.