Columbia Giant variety


Markets:  Fresh, IQF, Processed


Type:  Trailing Floricane (thornless)


Flavor:  Balanced flavor, slightly tart

  • Avg. Brix:  11.72 %
  • Avg. pH:  3.18
  • Avg. Titratable Acidity:  18.75 g.L-1


Berry Size:  Very large

  • Avg. Weight: 12.0 g


Mean Yield: 5.9 kg/plant


Harvest Window:  22 June – 17 July

  • Machine Harvestable: Yes


Transportability & Shelf-life:  The extremely large size can make packaging in clam shells for fresh market problematic, but the size is very positive for local retail sales or if specialized packaging is used.


Cold Hardiness:  Hardy to -13°C (9° F)


Required Chill Hours:  500 – 800 hours


Disease Resistance:  *


*Characteristics may vary depending on weather conditions, day length, soil type and location.