Cascade Harvest variety

Cascade Harvest Variety



  • Excellent fruit quality and yields
  • Very good flavor
  • Light red fruit color
  • Uniformly well-shaped, large berries
  • Very good shelf life and transportability
  • Very easy harvestable by machine and hand
  • Upright plants growth
  • Good disease resistance
  • Suitable for fresh, frozen and processed markets

Fruit & Plant Characteristics

The Washington State University (WSU) released the Cascade Harvest variety in 2015. It is a red raspberry, floricane cultivar developed by plant breeder, Dr. Patrick Moore, and his team.

The Cascade Harvest variety produces high yields of large, well flavored fruit. It is sweet, with a mild tart flavor. The fruit has a long, conic shape with many droplets per berry. The berries average 5.1 g per fruit. Its medium red color and large fruit size make the Cascade Harvest variety well suited for fresh, frozen and processed markets.

The attractive fruit releases very easily from the receptacle at an early stage of maturity, facilitating harvest. With its excellent firmness, fruit of the Cascade Harvest variety maintains its integrity well when harvested by machine or by hand.

The Cascade Harvest is an erect floricane variety that has numerous dark purple prickles at the base of the primo- cane. Few to no prickles are present past a meter height. The upright plant is easy to prune and tie and shows very good growth.


Climatic Requirements

Under the cool, marine moderated conditions of western Washington State, harvest of the Cascade Harvest variety begins in early July with ninety-five percent (95%) of the total crop harvested by the end of the month. The variety yields an average of 9,100 kg per hectare.

The variety requires upwards of 600 hours of accumulated chilling hours during the winter in order to properly set the flower buds.


Disease Resistance

The Cascade Harvest variety offers good disease resistance. It is moderately tolerant to phytophthora root rot and shows a much better resistance than competing cultivars like Willamette or Meeker. The Cascade Harvest variety is resistant to the common strain of Raspberry bushy dwarf virus (RBDV).


*Characteristics may vary depending on weather conditions, day length, soil type and location.